Music ­ Instrumental and Vocal


January 6 State Fair Community College

January 20 Pleasant Hill Battle of the Best

February 3 Smith Cotton High School

February 10 NWMSU

February 17 Pella Dutch Masters


January 13

6:00 Social & 7:00 Main Stage

Thomas Auditorium

Congratulations Marching Trojans!

2nd Place Class 2 CMU Marching Festival

2nd Place Class 1 MWSU Tournament of Champions

2nd Place Class 2 Monroe City Marching Festival

Jentri Oetinger Best Drum Major Class 2

1st Place Odessa Marching Invitational

Congratulations to Andrea Lock, Sally Schmidt, Hannah Wood, and Kade Ford!

2017 NW Missouri District Choir Members

CHS is proud to announce Andrea Lock as a participant in the

2018 Missouri All-State Choir!