Enrollment Information

Step 1

Parent receives, fills out, and returns the Enrollment Packet and provides proof of residency. Parent may also include any student records they have brought themselves.

Items required when returning paperwork to the guidance office:

Parents or Legal guardians must provide legal documents stating custody or guardianship of student

Proof of residency - copy of house contract or lease agreement OR two utility bills

Social security number - written on enrollment form

All forms filled out completely in enrollment packet

Parent should let the counselor or secretary know if student desires to enroll in band, orchestra, or vocal music.

Step 2

Secretary faxes previous school for records. School records include grades, test scores, attendance records, discipline records, and immunization records. If appropriate, we require the current I.E.P. or 504 Plan for those receiving special services.

Items required to be in hand BEFORE the student starts school:

Immunization records - must be current

School records must be faxed or mailed DIRECTLY from previous school; if parent hand delivers these papers, the counselor will call and get verbal verification of records

I.E.P. or 504 Plan (Special Services info) if applicable

School personnel will verify that there are no ‘Safe School Act’ violations by the student who wishes to enroll

Counselor will call parent when all information is in hand. Student will start the next school day.

Step 3

If eligible for bus transportation please wait 48 hours after school enrollment is complete to contact transportation for bus information. Transportation Office 542-0552.

Step 4

Parent brings the student to school on his/her first day and works with the counselor to finalize enrollment process. Student should bring general school supplies. If the parent cannot attend, they may finalize these items ahead of time.

Parent Items:

Pay fees, purchase agenda, and pick up school calendar in front office.

Put money on lunch account if desired.

Speak with nurse & turn in medications if needed.

Student Items:

Review schedule of classes with counselor.

Take school tour.

Begin classes.